Bi-annually, Palm Institute of Strategic Leadership organizes professional programmes for students and corporate employees. These programmes run between 6-12 weeks during which intensive trainings are conducted in specific areas of specialization. Specialized professionals in industry and academe facilitate these capacity building training sessions. The programmes are designed to give participants the necessary and current saleable skills for career development as well as facilitate their personal development. Participants’ career areas are refurbished with new developments in those fields to enable them remain relevant and current in their field of expertise. Our certificate programmes include: Entrepreneurial Leadership, Leadership and Governance, Strategic Human Resource Management, Organizational Leadership and Strategy, Innovative and Creative Leadership, Strategic Leadership, Risk Management, and Microfinance. Other special areas we undertake certificate programmes include: Spreadsheet Accounting and Application, SAGE 50® Accounting Software Training, Micro Finance and SME Management, Financial Management for Non-Finance Professionals and Certificate in Renewable Resources.

Entrepreneurial Leadership

This course seeks to equip entrepreneurs with the leadership skills they need to run their organizations effectively and efficiently. Being an entrepreneur alone is not enough to guarantee success if the entrepreneur lacks leadership abilities in terms of how to build trust and confidence among employees and to communicate effectively with them. The course brings to the fore the synergy between entrepreneurship and leadership for business success. The course focuses further on proactive entrepreneurial behaviour, risk optimization and innovation in order to take advantage of business opportunities for organizational benefit.

Leadership and Governance

Leadership and Governance include strategic direction, plans and policies, effective oversight, regulation, motivation, and partnerships that integrate in all administrative sectors. This course is designed to provide hands on practical insight into the thematic areas mentioned above. The course further incorporates needed leadership skills required for people in positions of governance such as Ministers, DCEs, MPs and Assembly Members as well as corporate leaders.

Strategic Human Resource Management

Human resources had moved from hiring and firing to management of the needs and projecting into the human resource needs of the future. Efficient and effective human resource gives an organization a high strategic competitive advantage over others. If this is the focus of your organization, then this is the best training course for yourself and your employees. This course helps individuals and organizations to tactically plan and strategically place their human resource in order to meet the ever dynamic human resource needs in years to come so as to help attain organizational goals and objectives.

Organizational Leadership and Strategy

Visions, missions, objectives and goals are driving forces behind every organization. They form the basis for organizational strategy. Leadership is what directs and puts together all sectors within an organization in order to achieve the goals, objectives, missions and visions of every organization. This course combines the tenets of strategic leadership in an organization for the realization of organizational goals. Effective organizational leadership needs deeper understanding of business strategy and the ability to maintain a company’s value proposition, increase market share and remain competitive. This is what the Organizational Leadership and Strategy certificate course seeks to provide for prospective participants.

Innovative and Creative Leadership

The dynamics of the business environment, the ever changing challenges and unpredictable circumstances now demand leaders to be up and doing in order to keep their organizations afloat. This course takes into consideration the necessary innovative and creative skills and tools needed to deal with demands of the business environment for organizational health and future viability. Pairing creativity and innovation with leadership is mainly the focus of this course. Participants of this course will leave with a full package of creative and innovative leadership ideas to help their business and organizations grow.

Strategic Leadership

The provision of strategic leadership has become the panacea for organizational success. Companies and organizations lack the ideas and the ideal leadership techniques needed for effective organizational leadership. The course is aimed at equipping prospective participants with the ability to think strategically. Thinking strategically involves the skills to enable easy navigation of the unknown effectively: the ability to anticipate challenges, interpret them, decide and tactically position an organization in times of difficulty.

Risk Management

The ability to foresee, identify and assess as well as prioritize issues concerning risk and prepare adequately and effectively to prevent and or mitigate the impact of risk on your employees and organization is key in management. Effective risk management ensures that the future of assets, investment and transactions benefits are known and certain. This program encompasses all the professional skills needed for potential risk analysis, evaluation and application of efficient and effective preventive measures to avert risk.


The Certificate in Microfinance provides an all-encompassing, practical introduction to the key ideas, techniques and skills needed to be a microfinance practitioner. The certificate is ideally suited to the needs and aspirations of both those who are new to microfinance, and those who need a wider understanding of the sector. The programme is flexible and allows the participants to fit their studies around work and social commitments. Participants can enroll for the course at any time in the year. The programme can be completed within 6 to 10 weeks.



Certificate Programs