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Palm Institute Students' Clubs

A significant portion of campus life at Palm Institute is the opportunity for students to join clubs of their choice and interest. Participation in club activities presents our students with a range of social, academic and professional benefits and opportunities. The clubs serve as grounds and platforms for developing students' social and professional skills. Students learn how to relate to each other, assess each other's ideas and thinking, sharpen each other's leadership, management and organizational skills for individual and professional success. Each of the clubs on campus has a mandate to promote the core values of the Institute and the ideals of raising a generation of strategic leaders.

The following are the students' club on campus: 


  Palm Business Club:

The Palm Business Club creates a platform for training tomorrow's Ghanaian business leaders. The club members undertake community-based hands-on projects with the quest to identify problems in our communities and work towards identifying long lasting solutions to enhance the livelihood of members of our communities. The club embodies Palm Institute's  ideas for bridging the gap between theory and practice in field of business education. This is done through organizing industry relevant seminars and bringing some of the finest and successful corporate businessmen and women to interact with students at Palm Institute. 


Palm Research and Publication Club

The major function of Research and Publication Club is to facilitate different research activities on campus and to publish them in a research journal.  The aim of the club is to introduce students to methods and techniques of writing academic papers and subsequently develop their skills in research. The research club aims at providing a platform for students to advance into researchable areas which are development oriented and can help solve problems of society. It is a multi-disciplinary area where all students either in groups or individually have areas of interest to research on. In so doing, students develop the interest in research and publication which leads to creativity and innovation for development as well as tackling societal problems.


Palm Ethics and Values Club

As prospective entrepreneurs and future leaders of Ghana, Africa and the world, the Palm Ethics and Values Club seeks to create the platform for students to analyze and evaluate the tough decisions they are likely to make in future and their likely ethical consequences. The club brings in divers perspectives of ethical considerations in all decisions across all disciplines. The club exposes students to and makes them conscious of ethical and moral in considerations in all decisions. With regular seminars which are normally hosted by the club and with resource persons with academic and industrial experiences, the gaps between theoretical and practical ethical dilemmas are bridged. This enables students understand ethical concepts such as relative and absolute moral laws, subjective and objective components of moral knowledge, the relation of facts in nature to human values, and the place of reason in ethical decisions.


Palm Sustainability and Development Club

Sustainable development as defined by World Commission on Environment and Development, 1987, is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. On this premise Palm Sustainability and Development Club is designed to introduce students to contemporary world issues and a growing recognition of three essential aspects of sustainable development. The major areas on which this club was form are on the three essential sustainable development aspects which are economic, environmental and social sustainability and development. Members of the club are constantly reminded among others of the fact that all areas of humankind need development and sustainability. From personal development and sustainability through the development and sustaining the world that we live as well as making the world habitable for generations to come. The club periodically invites other likeminded societies in sustainability and development across Ghana and the world to educate and train


  Palm Christian Fellowship

The Palm Christian Fellowship creates a platform for all believers of the gospel at Palm to get together and fellowship with one another through the study of the infallible Word of God, pray together and sometimes break-bread together. This club was founded by a student.

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