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About Palm Leadership Review (ISSN: 2167 – 3209) Palm Leadership Review (PLR) is an open access refereed journal that features articles on applied leadership research and theory.

PLR seeks to support purpose-drive organizations whose leaders:

- Scholarly and Academic writing

- Inspire a shared vision

- Foster collaboration

- Encourage imagination, innovation and creativity

Guidelines for Publication

PLR publishes:

- Papers/articles that help leaders transition from theory to practice.

- Papers/articles grounded in practical experience.

- Articles that are well researched and supported, well expressed and concise, using a voice that reflects experience, command of the subject and clarity of thought.

PLR does not allow:- Articles that promote specific business or individuals, not recommend services. PLR serves as a resource for students, leaders and practitioners of organizational leadership in corporate and non-profit organizations. The publication calendar, journal content and editorial cycle are managed by the Palm Leadership Review editorial board and review staff.

Submission Process

Before submitting a manuscript, please consult the Publication Calendar. To have a featured article considered for publication by Palm Leadership Review, please submit a proposal as described below:

Submission Guidelines:

- Manuscripts should be submitted in Word.doc format as an email attachment

- Please put the words “Manuscript Proposal” in the subject line. We will acknowledge the receipt of your submission via email when allocated to reviewers. The designated editor may work with the author to rewrite or change passages in your article to improve the overall understanding.

Format: – The manuscript (including references) must conform to the styles guidelines of publication (exceptions are made for Palm Leadership Review Conference papers).

- All attributes should be done as APA.

- The document should be double spaced in Times New Roman/Arial font with one-inch margins.

- Include mailing addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers of the authors on the title page.

- The submission should have all tables, figures and references attached as one file.

About the Manuscript: Manuscripts submitted for publication must have a LEADERSHIP focus. Please submit a brief summary of your article in 200 words or fewer. You must acknowledge previously published materials used in the article and provide a copyright release for photographs, tables, charts, or graphs used. Include a declaration that the manuscript is original and is not under review at any other journal or magazine.

About the Author: If your article is accepted for publication, send us a concise author’s biography including name, title, organization, and email address. When there are multiple authors, kindly identify the lead author. Briefly describe any relevant special studies or previous works.

About the Contents: In your abstract, please discuss how your submission will help readers to become better leaders. What is the overall purpose of your article and how can it be used, practically speaking, to implement leadership goals around the globe? Could your article have further reaching uses besides our publication? Please tell us about possible opportunities.

Issue Topics:

- Change Leadership Emotional Intelligence

- Followership

- Management

- Organizational Design

- Organizational Behavior

- Strategy – Teams

- Innovation & Creativity

- Financial Stewardship

- Financial Risk Management

- International Financial Management/International Corporate Finance

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